A UFO Hunter's Guide: Sightings, Abductions, Hot Spots, Conspiracies, Coverups, The Identified and Unidentified, and More

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A UFO Hunter's Guide

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lBQYHyKhFzsMASGot Review by Francilyn
I myself never bvleeeid in UFO's simply because they were a scientific impossibility from our earthly perspective, largely due to the sheer distance to the closest sun to our own. Since then, I've had several UFO experiences of my own. One I felt certain was created by men, most likely here in America, because the craft resembled a flying wing, except it had a rear section on it. What made it seem very unique and strange, was the fact that it was quite and able to fly very slowly. Being the very analytical person that I am, I quickly noticed intake vents in the front of the craft, as well as exhaust vents at the rear of the craft. This told me that it was running internal engines, which required oxygen to operate. I then noticed just how thick the wings were, which I quickly realized were being used to house the engines and hold in heat to create the lift needed to allow the craft to fly that slowly. Though I couldn't hear the engines, I could feel the vibration of them running. When I called the air force base near Sacramento they denied knowing anything about it. My wife who I called outside also witnessed the air craft. It also had retractable and enclosed wheels, and overlapping riveted sheet metal, just like we humans make. __ As for my other sightings; I was shocked by these two events that occurred many years apart. The first event happened back in about 1973, while sleeping outside under the stars with a buddy of mine. He was so scared by the event that he ran into the house to tell his step father. I couldn't believe what we'd witnessed. Then in about the year 2000, I witnessed another UFO event that was very similar to that one with my buddy. The object seemed to be deep within the stars, similar to viewing a faint satellite, yet this object, as with the other changed course, not just once, but several times. It then went from being very faint to rapidly becoming very very bright. Brighter than all of the stars, as if knowing that I was looking at it, which I know sounds very crazy. In both cases, the craft then began moving slowly in a single direction, now seemingly within the earth's atmosphere, when all of a sudden it accelerated, gradually at first, then so rapidly that it vanished from view within a very short distance, similarly to a shooting star burning out. These two events will always be in the back of my mind. __Since learning of people apparently having some forgiven object within themselves, that they had surgically removed, I've pondered those two UFO sighting with two other very unique spiritual encounters that I've experienced. Before now, I've always considered that the spirit realm was reaching out to me, because or my receptiveness to their projections, thinking that they had an agenda which they felt that could share through receptive people like me. In one encounter in about 1986, which was around the same time that my wife and I saw that large low flying aircraft, my daughter and I discovered a star cluster unlike anything that anyone in modern times has ever seen before, until I saw the Nebra Sky Disc, which contains the very same image, as one of the groups within this star cluster. It is located deep within the area of the Belt of Orion, at a magnification of 360x's is what I was viewing at, when I made that discovery. The last event, occurred January 7th of 2000. As my wife and I walked out of our bathroom into our bedroom, a seemingly spiritual voice was projected to me, telling me to go outside. After doubting the event, at first, but reaching back to a potential entity, just in case, telling it that it needed to reach out again, because I didn't understand. It projected to me again, this time while I was walking back into the bathroom, which I then realized that in both instances, it had been cuing me as I approached the door leading outside. After realizing this; I grabbed the door knob and went outside. The spirit continued to guide me, which led me to discover a large group of galaxies that had also never been recorded before, using just my naked eyes. The story has much more detail than I was able to share here. But if interested in the story, I'd enjoy sharing it, just in case it would encourage others like me to come forward to share their stories.I was led to discover some unique never before recorded star clusters, and then a group of galaxies with my naked eyes. Both events were witnessed by family members who were present. I know ponder a potential connection between the two. (Posted on 8/24/12)

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