The Hungover Gourmet #7

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The Hungover Gourmet #7

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from Xerography Debt #13 Review by Mark Hain
This is yet another of those zines that I'm late in jumping on the bandwagon of, and lest I seem like a sheep in heaping praise upon THE HUNGOVER GOURMET, I thoroughly enjoyed the various vicarious experiences its pages offered me. Maybe it's just because I'm more than slightly food-obsessive, but HG also provided me with a good fix of exploitation film reviews as well as providing fodder for my increasing fascination with Baltimore. Mick Sols contributes a piece on dining experiences in Bali, one of my top travel goals, and Sols' writing about the delicious and cheap cuisine intensified my desire to risk the terrorist threats and just go there. The amazing cover story, 'Ollie's Last Call,' by Holger Haase, regales the reader tales of hanging out at the tavern on Malta where roguish British actor Oliver Reed died. This issue also features articles by William P. Tandy on New Jersey diners, an appreciation of Red Vines licorice by Sam Costello, '2 Bars We Love' by editor Dan Taylor, 'The Unexpected Foodie' by Davida Gypsy Breier, plus lots of reviews and a long article on basketball by John Taylor that I couldn't make myself read (sorry). Perhaps my favorite pieces centered on New York's Times Square when it was still sleazy and fascinating: a remembrance of the seedy Selwyn theater by Steven Puchalski, and an assessment by Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford of the various risky dining options of the old Deuce area of the Square, including a Chinese dive in which the cook would threaten unruly customers with a ladleful of boiling oil. Both articles evoke such a richness of a time and place that they plunge the reader into the grit and glare and smell and hubbub of America's great lost treasure of urban skank (damn you, Disney!). THE HUNGOVER GOURMET serves up delights to satisfy any taste. Note to Dan Taylor: if you ever want anyone to write on vegetarian dining in Philly or Lincoln, Nebraska, I'm your man! (Posted on 8/5/12)
from Xerography Debt #13 Review by Diane Mold
I really love reading about food. Where food comes from, how it's made, who makes it, where itís served, who eats it, the traditions behind it, the future of food, its cultural significance... I enjoy reading about food as much as I love eating it, if not more. When I get a new cookbook, I sit down and devour its contents as though it were a novel. HUCKLEBERRY FINN? EAST OF EDEN? No thanks, I've got my COOK'S ILLUSTRATED BEST RECIPE SOUPS book, THE FRUGAL GOURMET, my fuckin' Heloise and my Alton Brown. Nevermind that I hardly ever put my vast cornucopia of cooking knowledge to use. Yeah, I make my living as a cook. But it's really not the same as doing it at home. Someday, when I'm in my declining years, Iíll be foisting trays of culinary delights upon frightened neighbor children who run, screaming, 'EEK! It's the crazy cooking cat lady! ARGGG!!!' Until then, zines like THE HUNGOVER GOURMET will satiate my appetite for good, hearty food stories. Issue 7 tackles forgotten eateries, restaurant reviews, a love affair with licorice, our own Davida's admission of being a foodie, Indonesian dining mishaps plus zine & movie reviews and more. The combination of tantalizing contributors and savory editor make this a nutritious, tasty issue. It's hard to read about eateries I'll never be able to experience (because they've closed or they're too far away), but I'll manage. After all, my hobby is reading recipes I'll never cook! (Posted on 8/5/12)

2 Item(s)

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