Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore!: Waste

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Smile, Hon: Waste

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from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Fred Argoff
Now, here’s something different. WASTE is a compendium of stories about (the envelope please)...waste! I could try and write a description of this, but nothing I could devise is going to do as good a job as a sampling of titles. So, try these on for size: Three Cheerleaders Take out the Trash. Sewage Without Shame. Oh, the Places You’ll Poo! Homage to Colonoscopy. Banana Gone Bad. Wasted Opportunity. Commenting on the proliferation of garbage in our world, a former New York City Sanitation Commissioner observed, “Garbage will win.” But I think you could get your hands on a copy of this publication, and be one step ahead. No price listed, but do the right thing and send a couple of bucks for this one. You won’t be wasting your time! (Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Eric Lyden
Here’s another one that more than satisfies my zine criteria. This is a comp zine consisting mainly of writers from the Baltimore area writing about various topics dealing with waste in all of it’s forms. Many of them shit-related from A.J. Michel’s relatively benign (in terms of the amount of out and out filth exhibited) story about her dad’s job maintaining sewage treatment plant to Angie E’s tale of someone (multiple someones) taking a shit in the middle of the Whole Foods she works at. Shitting in stores is more common than you’d think. I’m not saying it happens every day, but ask anyone who works in retail and they’ll tell you it happens. There are several other bodily fluids that make appearances here along with stories about various types of trash and about getting wasted. A very enjoyable comp zine that’s strong from start to finish. (Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Julie Dorn
Gosh, I enjoyed this zine. Nearly 25 contributors discuss the theme of “garbage” as it pertains to Baltimore, MD. S,H,YiB is worth every ounce of hype it gets. The essays are varied and articulate. Who knew that feces, colonoscopies, and trash could be so funny and fascinating? (Posted on 8/12/12)

3 Item(s)

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