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Dwelling Portably: 2000 - 2008

Dwelling Portably: 2000 - 2008

Product Review (submitted on August 12, 2012):
Eight years of brief, how-to essays from zine readers and from Bert and Holly — the experts in the art and science of living an off-the-grid lifestyle.

To a person trapped in a midlife crisis, with no survival skills, slowly dying of ennui and purposelessness, and hopelessly burned out by the workplace, this is the best armchair reading Fate can deliver.

To an aspiring survivalist, it’s truly great stuff.

Multitude of topics are covered in the excellent index. Learn about what happens when social services finds a family living in the “wild”; how to live on an improvised boat; jug vs. spray showers; solar cooking; squatting in an empty house; candles vs. flashlight long-term costs.

It’s all thought-provoking, and makes one wonder about all the hours wasted in an office just so one can have the creature comforts, and if they are worth the effort...