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Found Magazine #3

Found Magazine #3

Product Review (submitted on September 26, 2012):
For those of you who don't know what FOUND MAGAZINE is, it's a publication that collects together found notes, letters, pictures, and objects and puts them on display for your fascination.

For example in the newest issue, there is a note that has been fucking with my head since I read it. Found by Hannah Won, of Seattle, WA, it is a small post-it looking piece of paper that contains handwriting that simply says, 'Did your toothpased explode... How does this happen?' Now, of course, I want to know how this happened!

I'm not too crazy about multiple page found letters (like one that goes on for 4 pages that clearly has been through the wash - I'm sure there's a pay off to reading it, but I don't have the patience) or multiple pages from found journals, and this issue has a couple of these.

I tend to like the shorter founds like the one on the very last page, sent in by Melissa Walker. It's is an index card that must have been posted on a bulletin board somewhere that reads, 'For Sale (New) Set of his & hers gold wedding bands. (Never used) $50.00 727-818-2883.' If I wasn't certain that the phone number had been altered, I'd call it and ask whoever answered the phone to tell me their story.

And that's the charm behind FOUND, it's impossible to know the stories behind the found items collected here. But the fact that you find a letter proclaiming eternal love discarded gives you enough information to start filling in your own back story.

#3 contains the best, most heart-wrenching find yet. Stuffed behind a radiator in a dank basement storage room at Brown University a box was found. When opened, it nearly exploded with letters from a young couple from the mid-80s. This is the story of Jamie and his girlfriend Mika who decided to take her junior year abroad, in Japan.

The frequency of Mika's letters to Jamie show that not only does she write her love every day, she writes him letters several times a day. There are thousands of pages filled with a tight scrawl, drawings, pictures of her and even delicate, hand-crafted mobiles. The letters suggest that Jamie writes her back. Well, at first.

About halfway through the stack, the seemingly inevitable happens when Jamie hooks up with another girl. At this point, Mika's letters seem to increase in both length and frequency. And just when you think you can't feel any worse for poor Mika (who, in one picture, is stranded in 1985, on the beach, holding a small round rock up to her face, with her totally 80s hair windswept in a Cure sort of way), there is one final discovery that rips your heart out, throws it on the floor and pisses all over it.

Well, I'm not a big fan of spoilers, so check out FOUND #3, it'll be the most enthralling $5 you spend this month.