The titles in this category deal with society at large - politics, history, religion, science, crime, etc.

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  1. Resistance Behind Bars (2nd edition)

    Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles Of Incarcerated Women


    As it examines daily struggles against appalling prison conditions and injustices, this collection of real-life prisoners' stories and analysis of the prison landscape as it is today documents both collective organizing and individual resistance among women incarcerated in the United States. Learn More
  2. Revolutionary Mothering

    Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines


    An anthology that gives access to the voices of mothers of color and marginalized mothers. Learn More
  3. Riding in Cars with Boys

    Riding In Cars With Boys: Confessions Of A Bad Girl Who Makes Good


    Denied college, Bev Donofrio lost interest in everything but riding around town in cars, drinking and smoking, and rebelling against authority. Learn More
  4. The Riot Grrrl Collection

    Riot Grrrl Collection


    For the past two decades, young women (and men) have found their way to feminism through Riot Grrrl. Learn More
  5. Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now! cover

    Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!


    Riot Grrrl is a vivid documentation of the fierce music, renegade art and independent literature that emerged from suburban America in the late 1980s and became a global phenomenon. Learn More
  6. Riposte #6

    Riposte #6


    A Smart Magazine for Women. Learn More
  7. Rollerderby #20

    Rollerderby #20


    Lisa Carver's infamous zine. Learn More
  8. Rollerderby #9

    Rollerderby #9


    Lisa Carver's infamous zine. Learn More
  9. Rookie Yearbook One

    Rookie Yearbook 1


    The first print publication edited by Tavi Gevinson, the editor in chief of Rookie, the website for teenage girls. Learn More
  10. Rookie Yearbook Two

    Rookie Yearbook 2


    The second book in the Rookie Yearbook series. Learn More
  11. Rookie Yearbook Three

    Rookie Yearbook 3

    $29.95 is a website created by and for young women to make the best of the beauty, pain and awkwardness of being a teenager. Learn More
  12. Rookie Yearbook Four

    Rookie Yearbook 4


    "Stories and inspiring visuals for girls with old souls." --Entertainment Weekly Learn More
  13. SCUM Manifesto

    SCUM Manifesto


    From the woman who shot Warhol comes another great accomplishment, The Society For Cutting Up Men. Learn More
  14. Secret History of Wonder Woman (paperback)

    Secret History of Wonder Woman


    A riveting work of historical detection revealing that the origin of one of the world’s most iconic superheroes hides within it a fascinating family story—and a crucial history of twentieth-century feminism Learn More
  15. Shameless #32

    Shameless #32


    News! Art! Music! Culture! Politics! Learn More
  16. She's A Rebel

    She's A Rebel: The History Of Women In Rock & Roll


    A new expanded second edition featuring a preface by YOKO ONO. Learn More
  17. Shrill

    Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman


    Hailed by Lena Dunham as an "essential (and hilarious) voice for women," Lindy West is ferociously witty and outspoken, tackling topics as varied as pop culture, social justice and body image. Her empowering work has garnered a coast-to-coast audience that eagerly awaits SHRILL, her highly-anticipated literary debut. Learn More
  18. Sister Spit

    Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road


    A collection of writing and artwork from the irreverent, flagrantly queer, hilariously feminist, tough-talking, genre-busting ruffians who have toured with the legendary Sister Spit. Learn More
  19. Sisters Of The Revolution

    Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology


    Sisters of the Revolution gathers a highly curated selection of feminist speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more) chosen by one of the most respected editorial teams in speculative literature today, the award-winning Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. Learn More
  20. Six Women Of Salem

    Six Women Of Salem: The Untold Story Of The Accused And Their Accusers In The Salem Witch Trials


    Six Women of Salem is the first work to use the lives of a select number of representative women as a microcosm to illuminate the larger crisis of the Salem witch trials. Learn More
  21. Skirt Steak

    Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen


    In this in-depth, behind-the-scenes tell-all about the lives of women chefs, journalist Charlotte Druckman walks the reader into the world behind the hot line. Learn More
  22. The Spitboy Rule

    Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Xicana in a Female Punk Band


    Though not a riot grrl band, Spitboy blazed trails for women musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, but it wasn’t easy. Learn More
  23. Swimming in the Steno Pool

    Swimming in the Steno Pool: A Retro Guide to Making It in the Office


    Feed your boss’s ego. Dress for success. And don’t let your heels trip you up on the corporate ladder. Learn More
  24. The Conflict

    The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women


    In the pathbreaking tradition of Backlash and The Time Bind, The Conflict, a #1 European bestseller, identifies a surprising setback to women's freedom: progressive modern motherhood. Learn More
  25. The Encyclopedia of Doris

    The Encyclopedia Of Doris


    Cindy Crabb's new book offers stories, essays and interviews from 2001 to 2011. Inside are issues 19-28 of the beloved and internationally distributed, feminist, autobiographical zine Doris, along with a bunch of never before published writing. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 151 total

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