The titles in this category deal with society at large - politics, history, religion, science, crime, etc.

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  1. Blood & Dishonour cover

    Blood And Dishonour


    The dark, bloody and perversely erotic world of the Satanic Sluts - Satan's true sirens. Learn More
  2. Linder: Woman / Object

    Linder: Woman / Object


    Published fanzine-style on newsprint with a cloth-tape spine, in close collaboration with the artist, Linder: Woman/Object celebrates the career of a protagonist of British punk. Learn More
  3. The Riot Grrrl Collection

    Riot Grrrl Collection


    For the past two decades, young women (and men) have found their way to feminism through Riot Grrrl. Learn More
  4. The Witches

    Witches: Salem, 1692


    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Cleopatra, the #1 national bestseller, unpacks the mystery of the Salem Witch Trials. Learn More
  5. Women In Clothes

    Women In Clothes


    Women in Clothes is a book unlike any other. Learn More

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