One person's conspiracy theory is another person's subversive attempt at spreading disinformation. Regardless, there's one thing we know for certain - man never landed on the moon.

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  1. Dark Star

    Dark Star: The Hidden History of German Secret Bases, Flying Disks And U-Boats


    WWII expert Stevens takes us on the final twists and turns of the fall of the Third Reich and the fate of its secret bases, technology and vast U-Boat fleet. From secret submarine bases in Greenland and a still-hidden U-Boat base in the Canary Islands called Fuerteventura, Stevens looks at the escape of Nazis to South America. Learn More
  2. Dark Mission: The Secret History Of NASA

    Dark Mission: The Secret History Of NASA


    Welcome to the Revised and Expanded Edition! With astonishing new evidence of ET lunar architecture and mystery schools' ceremonies on Apollo 11 as it touched down on the moon. Learn More
  3. Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies

    Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies


    The Straight Scoop on Freemasons, The Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Black Helicopters, The New World Order, and Many, Many More. Learn More
  4. Cryptoscatology

    Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form


    Examining nearly every conspiracy theory in the public’s consciousness today, this investigation seeks to link seemingly unrelated theories through a cultural studies perspective. Learn More
  5. Crossfire

    Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy


    What really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963? Learn More
  6. Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations

    Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops and Hidden Conflicts


    Oxford-educated historian Farrell's sequel to Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops and his best-selling book series on suppressed technology, Nazi survival and postwar hidden conflicts. Learn More
  7. Cosmic Trigger Volume 3

    Cosmic Trigger Volume 3: My Life After Death


    The long-awaited third volume of the Cosmic Trigger trilogy! Learn More
  8. Cosmic Trigger Volume 2

    Cosmic Trigger Volume 2: Down To Earth


    The second volume of the Cosmic Trigger trilogy, continues along the path set by Cosmic Trigger I. Learn More
  9. Cosmic Trigger Volume 1

    Cosmic Trigger Volume 1: Final Secret of the Illuminati


    Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change. Learn More
  10. Conspiracy Cinema

    Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, Politics and Paranoia


    Lighthearted, funny, and interactive, this is the definitive and only guide to this intriguing and immensely popular form of modern entertainment. Learn More
  11. Conspiracies & Secret Societies

    Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier


    This compelling encyclopedic reference includes hundreds of individuals, organizations, and events where official claims and standard explanations of actions and events remain shrouded in mystery. Learn More
  12. Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume I

    Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume 1: The Whole Truth About the Illuminati and the New World Order


    In English for the first time, a guide to the true secret structure of the Illuminati and their invisible network. Learn More
  13. Chemtrails, HAARP, And The Full Spectrum Dominance Of Planet Earth

    Chemtrails, HAARP, And The Full Spectrum Dominance Of Planet Earth


    In recent years the sky looks strange and different. Scientists are discovering heavy metals in the soil. Chemtrails tells us why. Learn More
  14. Chariots Of The Gods

    Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past


    Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance--the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient Earth had been visited by aliens. Learn More
  15. Caught In The Crossfire

    Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Oswald and the Garrison Investigation


    Kerry Thornley never imagined that after starting a spoof religion in the 1950s that worshipped Eris—the Greek goddess of chaos and discord—that this seeming joke would unleash a torrent of actual chaos into his life in the years to follow. Learn More
  16. Born In Blood

    Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry


    Its mysterious symbols and rituals had been used in secret for centuries before Freemasonry revealed itself in London in 1717. Once known, Freemasonry spread throughout the world and attracted kings, emperors, and statesmen to take its sacred oaths. Learn More
  17. Before The Delusion

    Before the Delusion: Secret Vatican Files of the Pyramids and Stonehenge


    Dr Liam Kelly PhD, SJ is an internationally renowned scholar of Biblical history who has spent a lifetime researching pre-Christian documents hidden in the Vatican archives. Learn More
  18. Babylon's Banksters

    Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion


    The modern-day financial crisis and scam is nothing really new reveals master researcher Joseph P. Farrell In Babylon’s Banksters. Banking has been tinkered with and controlled for the past thousand years of human history. Learn More
  19. Area 51

    Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base


    It is the most famous military installation in the world. And it doesn't exist. Located a mere seventy-five miles outside of Las Vegas in Nevada's desert, the base has never been acknowledged by the U.S. government-but Area 51 has captivated imaginations for decades. Learn More
  20. Ancient Aliens on the Moon

    Ancient Aliens on the Moon


    Best-selling author and Secret Space Program researcher Bara brings us this lavishly illustrated volume on alien structures on the Moon. Learn More
  21. Ancient Aliens On Mars II

    Ancient Aliens On Mars II


    In Ancient Aliens on Mars II, New York Times bestselling author Mike Bara returns the reader to Mars to examine the enduring mysteries of the Red Planet. Learn More
  22. Ancient Aliens on Mars

    Ancient Aliens on Mars


    Best-selling author and Secret Space Program researcher Bara brings us this lavishly illustrated volume on alien structures on Mars. Learn More
  23. Ancient Aliens & Secret Societies

    Ancient Aliens And Secret Societies


    Did ancient “visitors”―of extraterrestrial origin―come to Earth long ago and lift the human race out of the ashes of a great global catastrophe around 10,500 BC? Learn More
  24. American Conspiracy Files

    American Conspiracy Files: The Stories We Were Never Told


    Conspiracy theories are not new to our modern time. They date back to biblical times when Moses sent his spies out to check out what the Egyptians were doing. Learn More
  25. Alien Agenda

    Alien Agenda


    Award-winning journalist Jim Marrs has uncovered compelling new evidence to suggest that alien life forms have not only visited our planet in the past, but are among us right now. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 136 total

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