For fans of carnivals, circuses, sideshows, and human oddities.

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  1. Step Right Up

    Step Right Up: Stories Of Carnivals, Sideshows, And The Circus


    Out of stock

    A one-of-a-kind anthology that captures the bizarre romance and mystery of the world's oldest and oddest traveling institution. Learn More
  2. Snake Oil

    Snake Oil: Life's Calculations, Misdirections, and Manipulations


    The gyp, hoodwink, shuck, sandbag: An artform that has been passed down through generations of hustlers, con men, and freaks. Learn More
  3. SideShow

    SideShow: My Life with Geeks, Freaks And Vagabonds in the Carny Trade


    Howard Bone was a sideshow magician virtually his whole working life. Learn More
  4. Sideshow U.S.A.

    Sideshow U.S.A.


    Adams reveals images of the freak show, with its combination of the grotesque, the horrific, and the amusing, and how it stubbornly reappears in literature and the arts. Learn More
  5. Shocked & Amazed! Volume 9

    Shocked And Amazed! Volume 9


    On & Off The Midway! Get the point! Learn More
  6. Shocked & Amazed! Volume 8

    Shocked And Amazed! Volume 8


    On & Off The Midway! The legendary journal about life on the midway and beyond! Truly incredible! Learn More
  7. Shocked & Amazed! Volume 7

    Shocked And Amazed! Volume 7


    On and off the Midway! Coney Island ain't what it used to be. Can you name me one thing that is? The Funny Place! Learn More
  8. Shocked & Amazed! Volume 6

    Shocked And Amazed! Volume 6


    Out of stock

    That's right, brothers and sisters, it's hot and it's here: Vol.6 of James Taylor's SHOCKED AND AMAZED! On & Off the Midway. It's wild! Learn More
  9. Shocked & Amazed! Volume 2

    Shocked And Amazed! Volume 2


    Out of stock

    Shocked And Amazed: On & Off The Midway! Featuring Jeanie Tomaini, 'The World's Only Living Half Girl"'!! Learn More