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  1. Imperiled Life

    Imperiled Life: Revolution Against Climate Catastrophe


    Imperiled Life theorizes an exit from the potentially terminal consequences of capital-induced climate change. It is a collection of reflections on the phenomenon of catastrophe—climatological, political, social—as well as on the possibilities of overcoming disaster. Learn More
  2. I Told You So

    I Told You So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics: Interviews with Jon Wiener


    “I exist to say, ‘No, that isn’t the way it is,’ or ‘What you believe to be true is not true for the following reasons.’ I am a master of the obvious. I mean, if there’s a hole in the road, I will, viciously, outrageously, say there’s a hole in the road and if you don’t fill it in you’ll break the axle of your car. One is not loved for being helpful.” Learn More
  3. Howard L. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968

    Howard L. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968


    Forty years after Life magazine sent writer Gilbert Moore and photographer Howard Bingham to document and tell the story of the Black Panthers. Learn More
  4. How the World Works

    How the World Works


    According to The New York Times, Noam Chomsky is “arguably the most important intellectual alive.” But he isn’t easy to read . . . or at least he wasn’t until these books came along. Made up of intensively edited speeches and interviews, they offer something not found anywhere else: pure Chomsky, with every dazzling idea and penetrating insight intact, delivered in clear, accessible, reader-friendly prose. Learn More
  5. Hopeless

    Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion


    The election of Barack Obama sparked long-dormant tingles of optimism in even the most entrenched political cynics. But the promise of an Obama revolution fizzled out even before his inauguration, as the president-in-waiting stocked his cabinet with corporate hacks, cut secret deals with Wall Street titans and plotted a bloody escalation of the senseless war in Afghanistan. Learn More
  6. Hillary: The Coloring Book

    Hillary: The Coloring Book


  7. Harper's

    Harper's Magazine


    Founded in 1850. Learn More
  8. Harmful to Minors cover

    Harmful To Minors


    The Perils Of Protecting Children From Sex. Learn More
  9. Hard Choices

    Hard Choices: A Memoir


    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s inside account of the crises, choices, and challenges she faced during her four years as America’s 67th Secretary of State, and how those experiences drive her view of the future. Learn More
  10. Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals

    Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals: A Documentary History of the West Virginia Mine Wars


    Telling the powerful story of the West Virginia coal mining rebellions of the early 20th century, this book collects material from the leaders, the miners, and the journalists sent to report on the 1912 and 1921 West Virginia mine wars—explosive examples of strikes and union battles. Learn More
  11. Griftopia tpb

    Griftopia: A Story Of Bankers, Politicians, And The Most Audacious Power Grab In American History


    A brilliantly illuminating and darkly comic tale of the ongoing financial and political crisis in America. Learn More
  12. The Great Shark Hunt

    Great Shark Hunt


    Gonzo Papers Volume 1: Strange Tales From A Stranger Time. Learn More
  13. Grabbing Back

    Grabbing Back: Essays Against The Global Land Grab


    Climate change ravages the earth, while wealthy elites try to grab as much of the world’s diminishing resources as possible. Learn More
  14. Get Real

    Get Real


    Fine art = imperialism, popular music = despotism, nations = youth cliques, excessive qualifiers in our speech = that of capital. Learn More
  15. George Magazine

    George Magazine (August 1999)


    The Political Humor Magazine. Learn More
  16. Generation Of Swine

    Generation Of Swine


    Gonzo Papers Volume 2: Tales Of Shame And Degradation In The '80s. Learn More
  17. From Dictatorship to Democracy

    From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation


    Twenty-one years ago, at a friend’s request, a Massachusetts professor sketched out a blueprint for nonviolent resistance to repressive regimes. Learn More
  18. From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

    From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation


    The eruption of mass protests in the wake of the police murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City have challenged the impunity with which officers of the law carry out violence against Black people and punctured the illusion of a postracial America. The Black Lives Matter movement has awakened a new generation of activists. Learn More
  19. Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

    Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement


    In these newly collected essays, interviews, and speeches, world-renowned activist and scholar Angela Y. Davis illuminates the connections between struggles against state violence and oppression throughout history and around the world. Learn More
  20. For Reasons Of State

    For Reasons Of State


    FOR REASONS OF STATE is Chomsky's second major collection of political writing, following AMERICAN POWER AND THE NEW MANDARINS. Learn More
  21. Fighting for Freedom cover

    Fighting For Freedom


    ...Because A Better World Is Possible. Learn More
  22. Fifth Estate #396

    Fifth Estate #396


    An Anti-Authoritarian Magazine of Ideas & Action! Learn More
  23. Ferguson Report: Department of Justice Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department

    Ferguson Report: Department of Justice Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department


    On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed African American high school senior, was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Learn More
  24. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Other American Stories


    A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream. Learn More
  25. Fear And Loathing In America

    Fear And Loathing In America: The Brutal Odyssey Of An Outlaw Journalist


    The Gonzo Letters, Volume II, 1968 - 1976. Learn More

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