The titles in this section are biographies, autobiographies and memoirs. What's the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?

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  1. The Voice Is All

    Voice Is All: The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac


    A groundbreaking new biography of Jack Kerouac from the author of the award-winning memoir Minor Characters. Learn More
  2. Vampira

    Vampira: Dark Goddess Of Horror


    The new book from award-winning historian W. Scott Poole is a whip-smart piece of pop culture detailing the story of cult horror figure Vampira that actually tells the much wider story of 1950s America and its treatment of women and sex, as well as capturing a fascinating swath of Los Angeles history. Learn More
  3. Valencia



    Valencia is the fast-paced account of one girl's search for love and high times in the drama-filled dyke world of San Francisco's Mission District. Learn More
  4. UnSlut

    UnSlut: A Diary and a Memoir


    When Emily Lindin was eleven years old, she was branded a “slut” by the rest of her classmates. Learn More
  5. Unearthing (sc)

    Unearthing (softcover)


    One of the world's foremost authors of the fantastic, Alan Moore, joins internationally esteemed photographer Mitch Jenkins for an unprecedented visual and literary experience. Learn More
  6. Unearthing (hc)

    Unearthing (Limited Edition Hardcover)


    One of the world's foremost authors of the fantastic, Alan Moore, joins internationally esteemed photographer Mitch Jenkins for an unprecedented visual and literary experience. Learn More
  7. Uncle Tungsten
  8. Twisted

    Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles


    In Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles, professor and author Bert Ashe delivers a witty, fascinating, and unprecedented account of black male identity as seen through our culture's perceptions of hair. Learn More
  9. Twelve Years a Slave

    Twelve Years A Slave


    Perhaps the best written of all the slave narratives, Twelve Years a Slave is a harrowing memoir about one of the darkest periods in American history. Learn More
  10. Travels With Myself And Another

    Travels with Myself and Another: A Memoir


    "Martha Gellhorn was so fearless in a male way, and yet utterly capable of making men melt," writes New Yorker literary editor Bill Buford. As a journalist, Gellhorn covered every military conflict from the Spanish Civil War to Vietnam and Nicaragua. She also bewitched Eleanor Roosevelt's secret love and enraptured Ernest Hemingway with her courage as they dodged shell fire together. Learn More
  11. Timothy Leary: A Biography cover

    Timothy Leary: A Biography


    To a generation in full revolt against any form of authority, "Tune in, turn on, drop out" became a mantra, and its popularizer, Dr. Timothy Leary, a guru. Learn More
  12. Tibetan Peach Pie

    Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life


    Internationally bestselling novelist and American icon Tom Robbins delivers the long awaited tale of his wild life and times, both at home and around the globe. Learn More
  13. There Is No God

    There Is No God and He Is Always with You: A Search for God in Odd Places


    Can you be an atheist and still believe in God? Can you be a true believer and still doubt? Can Zen give us a way past our constant fighting about God? Learn More
  14. The Year Of Magical Thinking

    The Year Of Magical Thinking


    From one of America's iconic writers, a stunning book of electric honesty and passion. Learn More
  15. The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar: A Memoir


    A moving, vividly told memoir full of heart, drama, and exquisite comic timing, about a boy striving to become a man, and his romance with a bar. Learn More
  16. The Secret Life Of Houdini

    The Secret Life Of Houdini


    The Making Of America's First Superhero. Learn More
  17. Portable Malcolm X Reader

    The Portable Malcolm X Reader


    A new look at Malcolm X's life and times from his Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer, Manning Marable. Learn More
  18. The Lives And Loves of Daisy And Violet Hilton

    The Lives And Loves of Daisy And Violet Hilton: A True Story of Conjoined Twins


    THE LIVES AND LOVES OF DAISY AND VIOLET HILTON follows the poignant life story of twin sisters who were literally joined at the hip, set against the tumultuous backdrop of America during the first half of the 20th century. Learn More
  19. The Kid Stays In The Picture

    The Kid Stays In The Picture


    Success, Scandal, Sex, Tragedy, Infamy ... And That's Just The First Chapter... Learn More
  20. The Journal of Best Practices

    The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to Be a Better Husband


    At some point in nearly every marriage, a wife finds herself asking, What the @#!% is wrong with my husband?! In David Finch’s case, this turns out to be an apt question. Five years after he married Kristen, the love of his life, they learn that he has Asperger syndrome. The diagnosis explains David’s ever-growing list of quirks and compulsions, his lifelong propensity to quack and otherwise melt down in social exchanges, and his clinical-strength inflexibility. But it doesn’t make him any easier to live with. Learn More
  21. The Historic Unfulfilled Promise

    The Historic Unfulfilled Promise


    Howard Zinn's life and work are the stuff of legend. His People's History of the United States has sold over two million copies and has altered how we see and teach history. A hero in word and deed, Zinn's views on freedom, fairness, history, democracy, and our own human potential are educational and transformative. Learn More
  22. The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel

    The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel: American Showman, Daredevil, and Legend


    This riveting and definitive new biography pulls back the red, white, and blue cape on a cultural icon—and reveals the unknown, complex, and controversial man known to millions around the world as Evel Knievel. Learn More
  23. The Glorious Deception

    The Glorious Deception


    In a biography woven from equal parts enchantment and mystery, Jim Steinmeyer unveils the secrets behind the most enigmatic performer in the history of stage magic, Chung Ling Soo, the 'Marvelous Chinese Conjurer' - a magician whose daring made his contemporary Houdini seem like the boy next door. Learn More
  24. The Glen Rock Book Of The Dead

    The Glen Rock Book Of The Dead


    In her author’s note to the book, Marion Winik writes that in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, “people build altars to their loved ones . . . they go to the cemetery and stay all night, praying, singing, drinking, wailing. They tell the sad stories and the noble ones; they eat cookies shaped like skeletons. They celebrate and mourn at once.” Learn More
  25. The Girl's Guide to Homelessness

    The Girl's Guide to Homelessness: A Memoir


    Brianna Karp entered the workforce at age ten, supporting her mother and sister throughout her teen years in Southern California. Learn More

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