The titles in this section are biographies, autobiographies and memoirs. What's the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?

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  1. Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left (tpb)

    Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left


    Howard Zinn was perhaps the best-known and most widely celebrated popular interpreter of American history in the twentieth century, renowned as a bestselling author, a political activist, a lecturer, and one of America’s most recognizable and admired progressive voices. Learn More
  2. Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

    Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body


    NOT YET AVAILABLE. This title is currently scheduled to be released on June 14, 2016. Note: release dates and prices are subject to change. Learn More
  3. I Am Malala (paperback)

    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban


    When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. Learn More
  4. I Await The Devil's Coming

    I Await the Devil's Coming


    Mary MacLane’s I Await the Devil’s Coming is a shocking, brave and intellectually challenging diary of a 19-year-old girl living in Butte, Montana in 1902. Written in potent, raw prose that propelled the author to celebrity upon publication, the book has become almost completely forgotten. Learn More
  5. I Blame Dennis Hopper

    I Blame Dennis Hopper: And Other Stories from a Life Lived In and Out of the Movies


    From award-winning actress Illeana Douglas comes a memoir about learning to survive in Hollywood while staying true to her quirky vision of the world. Learn More
  6. I Can Give You Anything But Love

    I Can Give You Anything But Love


    The long-awaited memoir from one of the most acclaimed radical writers in American literature. Learn More
  7. I Have Fun Everywhere I Go

    I Have Fun Everywhere I Go


    Savage Tales Of Pot, Porn, Punk Rock, Pro Wrestling, Talking Apes, Evil Bosses, Dirty Blues, American Heroes, And The Most Notorious Magazines In The World. Learn More
  8. I Love a Broad Margin to My Life

    I Love a Broad Margin to My Life


    In her singular voice—humble, elegiac, practical—Maxine Hong Kingston sets out to reflect on aging as she turns sixty-five. Learn More
  9. I Was A Teenage Dominatrix

    I Was A Teenage Dominatrix: A Memoir


    Ride shotgun with Shawna Kenney as she transforms herself from young, broke, and miserable to an educated, confident woman after answering one newspaper ad: "Get Paid for Being a Bitch." Learn More
  10. I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out

    I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse


    This collection of true narratives reflects the dynamism and diversity of nurses, who provide the first vital line of patient care. Learn More
  11. I'm With Fatty

    I'm With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks


    For most people, weight loss is spurred by a pair of tight pants or a photo that shows one too many chins. But Edward Ugel isn’t most people. Ugel was forced to lose weight after his wife recorded him snoring—a sound so deafeningly horrible that his “turncoat” doctor made him wear a CPAP machine to sleep every night. Learn More
  12.  If Only You People Could Follow Directions: A Memoir

    If Only You People Could Follow Directions: A Memoir


    If Only You People Could Follow Directions is a spellbinding debut that reimagines the memoir in Jessica Hendry Nelson’s thoroughly original voice. Learn More
  13. In Me Own Words

    In Me Own Words: The Autobiography Of Bigfoot


    Out of stock

    Life ain't easy when you're a bigfoot. Learn More
  14. Infinity Net

    Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama


    Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929) is one of the most talked-about artists working today. Learn More
  15. Insatiable: Porn - A Love Story

    Insatiable: Porn - A Love Story


    Asa Akira (28) has already had an extremely unusual life. Educated at the United Nations International School in Manhattan, she soon was earning a good living by stripping and working as a dominatrix at a sex dungeon. Akira has now built up a reputation for being of the most popular, hardworking, and extreme actors in the business, winning dozens of awards for her 330+ movies, including her #1 bestselling series “Asa Akira Is Insatiable”. Learn More
  16. Into The Wild

    Into the Wild


    In April 1992 a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. Learn More
  17. Into Thin Air

    Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster


    A bank of clouds was assembling on the not-so-distant horizon, but journalist-mountaineer Jon Krakauer, standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, saw nothing that "suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down." He was wrong. Learn More
  18. Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching

    Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man's Education


    How do you learn to be a black man in America? For young black men today, it means coming of age during the presidency of Barack Obama. Learn More
  19. Is That Kafka?

    Is that Kafka?: 99 Finds


    Out of the massive research for an authoritative 1,500-page biography emerges this wunderkammer of 99 delightfully odd facts about Kafka Learn More
  20. The Island of the Colorblind

    Island Of The Colorblind


    Part travelogue, part autobiography, part medical mystery story. Learn More
  21. James Baldwin: The Last Interview: and other Conversations

    James Baldwin: The Last Interview: and other Conversations


    Never before available, the unexpurgated last interview with James Baldwin. Learn More
  22. Jane Jacobs: The Last Interview

    Jane Jacobs: The Last Interview: and Other Conversations


    Hailed by the New York Times Book Review as “perhaps the single most influential work in the history of town planning,” Jane Jacobs’s The Death and Life of Great American Cities was instantly recognized as a masterpiece upon its publication in 1961. Learn More
  23. Jorge Luis Borges: The Last Interview

    Jorge Luis Borges: The Last Interview: And Other Conversations


    Days before his death, Borges gave an intimate interview to his friend, the Argentine journalist Gloria Lopez Lecube. That interview is translated for the first time here, giving English-language readers a new insight into his life, loves, and thoughts about his work and country at the end of his life. Learn More
  24. Joseph Anton: A Memoir (tpb)

    Joseph Anton: A Memoir


    On February 14, 1989, Valentine’s Day, Salman Rushdie was telephoned by a BBC journalist and told that he had been "sentenced to death" by the Ayatollah Khomeini. For the first time he heard the word fatwa. His crime? To have written a novel called The Satanic Verses, which was accused of being "against Islam, the Prophet and the Quran." Learn More
  25. The Journals of Spalding Gray (paperback)

    Journals of Spalding Gray


    Riveting, funny, heartbreaking, at once raw and lyrical: these journals reveal the complexity of the actor/writer who invented the autobiographical monologue and perfected the form in such celebrated works as Swimming to Cambodia. Learn More

Items 126 to 150 of 318 total

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