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  1. Resistance Behind Bars (2nd edition)

    Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles Of Incarcerated Women


    As it examines daily struggles against appalling prison conditions and injustices, this collection of real-life prisoners' stories and analysis of the prison landscape as it is today documents both collective organizing and individual resistance among women incarcerated in the United States. Learn More
  2. Sex on the Moon

    Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History


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    Thad Roberts, a fellow in a prestigious NASA program had an idea—a romantic, albeit crazy, idea. He wanted to give his girlfriend the moon. Literally. Learn More
  3. Technological Slavery

    Technological Slavery: The Collected Writings of Theodore J. Kaczynski, a.k.a. “The Unabomber”


    Theodore Kaczynski saw violent collapse as the only way to bring down the techno-industrial system, and in more than a decade of mail bomb terror he killed three people and injured 23 others. Learn More
  4. The Anatomy of Evil

    The Anatomy of Evil


    The crimes of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader, and other high-profile killers are so breathtakingly awful that most people would not hesitate to label them 'evil.' Learn More
  5. The Barefoot Bandit

    The Barefoot Bandit: The True Tale of Colton Harris-Moore, New American Outlaw


    The Barefoot Bandit tells the riveting true story of Colton Harris-Moore, America’s twenty-first-century outlaw. Learn More
  6. The Gates Of Janus

    The Gates Of Janus


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    Ian Brady, with Myra Hindley, tortured and killed children and teenagers in the notorious, appalling 'Moors Murders.' Learn More
  7. The Profiler

    The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths


    In 1990, a young woman was strangled on a jogging path near the home of Pat Brown and her family. Brown suspected the young man who was renting a room in her house, and quickly uncovered strong evidence that pointed to him—but the police dismissed her as merely a housewife with an overactive imagination. It would be six years before her former boarder would be brought in for questioning, but the night Brown took action to solve the murder was the beginning of her life’s work. Learn More
  8. Thieves of Book Row

    Thieves of Book Row: New York's Most Notorious Rare Book Ring and the Man Who Stopped It


    No one had ever tried a caper like this before. The goods were kept in a secure room under constant scrutiny, deep inside a crowded building with guards at the exits. Learn More
  9. Tokyo Vice

    Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan


    From the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club: a unique, firsthand, revelatory look at Japanese culture from the underbelly up. Learn More

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