Strange Angel 2: Exodus

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Susanna Sparrow and the angel Ferapont are learning to work together... sort of.

Strange Angel 2: Exodus


Rather than constantly bickering, they've started listening to one another, to focus their efforts, moving even closer to forging a genuine partnership.

Under Ferapont's guidance, and with the terrible powers it's granted her, she has struck a blow against the demonic evil rotting away the core of her once-wholesome home town. At the same time, she's managed to lose most of her friends, and to drive away the few she hasn't. Add to this pressure from her parents, her school, and from the local police, and it's more than even a pair of flaming wings can help her deal with.

Now something's coming... Something BIG. If they don't get it together soon, they both die screaming. But faith is a tricky thing, and despite all Susie's seen and done, she still can't find it in herself to completely trust Ferapont.

Because there are secrets the angel still hasn't told her...

Additional Information

Author Adam P. Knave
Publisher Die Monster Die! Books
Page Count 72pp
Publication Size 5.5" x 8.5"
Publication Notes Paperback
Publication Date 2006
ISBN 978-0975990469

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