FAQs: Answers to questions that, in many cases, you didn't even care about.

1. Does John Waters own Atomic Books?


Atomic Books was founded by Scott Huffines in 1992 in downtown Baltimore. Fearing both creditors and the Millennium bug he closed the store in 2000. The new Atomic Books was opened by Benn Ray and Rachel Whang in 2001.

2. Is Atomic Books a chain?


Atomic Books is one of those wacky things called a small independent business with one location in Baltimore, in the lovely colorful neighborhood known as Hampden, 3620 Falls Rd.

And no, we have nothing to do with Atomic Comics or Atomic Records or Atomic Magazine.

3. Do you guys do wholesale?

Only the stuff we publish.

4. Are you hiring?


Atomic is a small operation, with only the owners as full time employees and a couple dedicated part-timers. The rest are happy go lucky fill-in-ers, generous volunteers and stalkers.

5. Has Dishwasher Pete come out with anything new?

No. And we don't have any back issues.


6. Is there going to be a new issue of Crap Hound?

That's what they tell us. Use our search engine.


7. Does Atomic TV still make new shows?

Well, we can't really say for sure. They claim to, sporadically. Ask Tom Warner. Or Visit www.atomicteevee.com to find out more..

8. How do I consign my zine at your store?


9. Will you carry my record?

No. But Celebrated Summer Records might.

10. Do you guys still accept fan mail for John Waters?

YES. Click Here

Please do not call or email us for any information regarding John Waters.

11. Will you publish my book?


12. What's a zine?

A self-published periodical.

13. Don't you have a Starbucks around here?

No. We have several independent establishments that serve coffee drinks.

14. Do you buy old comics?


15. Do you have a local authors section?

Check out our Marylandia section online. It has local authors, books about local items of interest, etc. In the store, all the local authors are in their respective sections.

16. How do I get an event planned at or with Atomic Books?

Email Rachel for book events, with details. Please send us information at least 3 months in advance of your proposed date.

17. Do you have a print catalog?

No. It's all online.

18. What did this building used to be?

It used to be an Oddfellows hall.

19. Who made the mix playing on the stereo?

Fate. It's Benn's iPod on shuffle.

20. Is that some kind of cafe in the back of the store?

It's a bar! We serve beer, wine, and sodas. 

21. Can I rent out the store/bar for a private event?

Yes. Please email Rachel with what you'd like to do.