Last updated March 5th, 2016


Hampden Village Merchants Restaurants, Bars, Shops & Services in our neighborhood

Other Baltimore Shopping

The Children's Bookstore - Oldest independent bookstore in Baltimore, and it's for kids!
Normals Books - They are collectively run. We think that means they are commies or something 
Sound Garden - The go-to spot for affordable antiquated media

Film and Television

Bengies Drive-In Theatre
Charles Theater - When we're not drinking across the street at Club Charles we check out an art film now and then at this theater.
Creature Feature with Count Gore De Vol - One of Scott's favorite shows when he was a kid... that and Captain Chesapeake
Divergent Thinking Productions - Home of Alvin Ecarma's film "Lethal Force"
Maryland Film Festival
Planet Krulik  - Jeff Krulik created the classic "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"
Matt Porterfield 
Michael Tully/Hammer To Nail
Trashy Travels - John Waters Movie Locations and Divine Dirt

Baltimore Bands

Beach House 
Big Mouth
Caleb Stine And The Brakemen 
Carpark Records
Charm Offensive
Dan Deacon
Dope Body
Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Fan Death Records
Mickey Free
Friends Records
Garage Sale 
The Jennifers 
June Star 
Lexie Mountain Boys
Monster Museum
Morphius Records
Pig Destoyer
Pure Junk  

Temporary Residence
The Ubangis    
Wye Oak 

Festivals & Events

Artscape - come for the art, stay for the scape.
Baltimore Book Festival - party time. With books!
Baltimore Comic-Con - Excelsior, true believers!
Charm City Rollergirls - Our own roller derby league
HampdenFest - Our neighborhood festival
High Zero - experimental music
Maryland DeathFest! - death metal in a festival setting
Maryland Film Festival - "I like to watch."
Mayor's Christmas Parade
Miracle on 34th Street in Hampden - crazy lights!
Night Of 100 Elvises - so many Elvises
Otakon - people dressed funny
Preakness - horses!
The Sheep & Wool Festival - mmm... lamb burgers....
Small Press Expo - for some reason they insist on having this in Bethesda.
Sowebohemian Festival - AKA Sowebo.
Transmodern Festival - better than Post Modern!
Videopolis - kinda like if Slamdance was literally across the street from Sundance, but, like, in Baltimore
Virgin Mobile Festival - our monsters of rock

Nightclubs & Bars

The 8x10 - It had a weird name-change phase, but it's back.
The 930 Club - Legendary DC club
The Black Cat - DC area club
The Club Charles - the quintessential Baltimore bohemian bar
Floristree - shhhh... don't tell anyone
Illusions - magic bar & lounge
Ottobar - the Baltimore landmark
The Sidebar - You think the Ottobar used to be fucking small? Go around the corner from where the Ottobar used to be to this joint.
The Wind Up Space - bar/gallery/space in "Station North"

Local Zines/Blogs

Artichoke Haircut
Baltimore Brew - Local politics and culture
Bmore Music - a good local music blog
Eight-Stone Press - Creator of Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore
The Filth
Gutter Magazine - this zine is online only

The Hungover Gourmet - The journal of food, drink, travel fun
Leeking Ink - Visit Davida's zine empire
MobTown Shank - politics and culture
Monozine - This anti-medical magazine has proven that you really can have fun at the expense of others    

Local Comics

Bendependent - Ben Claassen III's comic world
Mark Burrier - Whatever You Love, The Pitch, and more.
Closed Caption Comics - a collective making awesome minis!
Do The Math Comics - Wham City's Robby Rackleff writes comics about video games
Important Comics - home to Wham City's Dina Kelberman
Eamon Espey - we love the way he draws worms!
Daniel Krall - has done work for Oni Press, Image Comics, etc.
Mutant Funnies - our humor house organ
Jeff Sharp - Flummery and more!

Newspapers & Magazines

Baltimore Business Journal - weekly business news
Baltimore's City Paper - our alt-weekly
Baltimore Independent Media Center 
Baltimore Magazine - the monthly
Baltimore Messenger - Benn writes a column about Hampden in this paper.
Baltimore Sun - Baltimore's major newspaper
Johns Hopkins Newsletter - a local university paper
Towson University Towerlight - a local university paper


American Visionary Art Museum - Outsider & Visionary Art, Art Brut
Baltimore Tattoo Museum
Charm City Art Space
Creative Alliance 
Current Gallery
Dr. Sketchy's - the Baltimore Chapter  
Geppi's Entertainment Museum
Great Blacks In Wax Museum - It's as awesome as its name
The Metro Gallery - gallery/performance space in Station North
The Johnny Eck Museum - The online museum to one of Baltimore's finest!
James Taylor's Shocked & Amazed! On & Off the Midway
Wham City

Eats & Drinks

Andy Nelson's Southern Pit BBQ - one of the best BBQ/Pit Beef in town!
Berger's Cookies - sweet heart attack!
Brewer's Art - Resurrection and Ozzy
Joe Squared - we don't go out for pizza, but when we do we go squared.
Paper Moon Diner - some of Benn's toys are there.
Peter's Inn - tell Bud and Karen Atomic sent ya!
Pizza Johns - another one of Scott's fave Essex hangouts. Closed Mondays!
Poncabird - where else can you get a hot dog with salami?
Red Emma's - Infoshop Coffeehouse collective


Atomic TV Links - A lot of cool sites to check out.
Baltimore or Less - All Things Baltimore
The Green Mount Cemetery
H.L. Mencken House
The Poe House - closed now, but still worth swinging by

Baltimore Museum of Industry